junior year checklist

Free College Planning Checklist for High School Juniors

Your junior-year student may be feeling overwhelmed by the thought of applying to colleges. He or she may be stressed out and anxious not knowing how to start. Perhaps you are dreading the process as well.

Picture your student navigating college admissions with more confidence and less stress (and with less stress on you, too).

Is this even possible, you ask? Yes! This checklist is designed specifically for high school juniors by Certified Educational Planner Betsy F Woolf. With one easy download, you can receive Betsy’s lineup of valuable, practical tips your student can use immediately to take charge of his or her college search and application process.

Your student will discover

  • Simple ways to “work smarter not harder” as they apply to schools
  • Key tactics for finding schools that are the right fit for them
  • Easy ways to showcase their talents in the admissions process
  • Proven tips for showcasing their talents

What They Say

"I have to thank you. I went back and reread his essays and they really show who he is. You gave him great advice. There's no way he could have done what he did if it weren't for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Parent of Princeton Student

“By the way, [my daughter] continues to sing your praises. She was reflecting the other day how you really helped her think through the college choices. I thank you for all [o]f your sage advice!”

Parent of USC Student

“You really helped get [my son] on track and guide him and teach him responsibility.”

Parent of Michigan Student

“Words cannot explain how much you helped me grow and gave me the ability to fulfill my dreams. You not only eased the college admission process for me, but you also taught me the vital skills one needs to be a responsible college student. You brought out the best in me.”

NYU Student

About Betsy F Woolf

Betsy F Woolf has devoted her career to enabling students to Stand Out to Get In®  by making intelligent and thoughtful choices about applying to college.

As a certified educational planner, Betsy is one of a select number of consultants who have achieved the highest level of competence in educational planning and who adhere to strict ethical and professional standards. Her approach is balanced and independent of pressures from high school administrators. Betsy’s focus is on college fit and academic success for each student.

junior year checklist

Get the key tactics and success tips to help your student feel more confident and less stressed when applying to colleges

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