FAQs about Woolf College Consulting

Very. I spend a lot of one-on-one time with students through meetings, telephone conversations, faxes, email and even Skype. I believe that working with one consultant throughout the entire college search and application process allows both student and consultant to know each other well — and that relationship leads to stronger applications with more compelling and well-developed essay ideas and writing. I fit my services and schedule to the needs of each student and family. And I make sure that parents are informed every step of the way. I work with students but for parents.

I am a skilled professional who provides counseling to help students and families choose a college or university that is a good personal college match and that will foster the student’s academic and social growth. I provide each student and family with individual attention, firsthand knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, and ample time to explore a wide variety of options and meaningfully discuss those options. Through my extensive knowledge of college admissions, I can broaden a student’s potential choices and provide essential assistance in weighing factors such as location, program, curriculum and admission criteria in creating the college fit. Because I am not tied to any specific college or university, I am an impartial voice in college admissions.

My certification from the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners means that I am among a select group of “the best and most experienced counselors” assisting students in planning for and applying to college. As a CEP, I have an advanced degree and training and years of experience in the field of educational consulting which enables me to find the best college fit for you.

High school counselors do a herculean job, but they generally have many duties other than advising students regarding colleges, like scheduling and dealing with disciplinary issues and writing recommendations. They often work with a large group of students and don’t have a lot of time to spend with individual students on essays and applications. I focus only on college planning and applying; I know a wide range of schools, not just the schools to which students from your high school typically apply; and I keep my practice small which allows me plenty of time to personalize my services for each student, to work on essays and applications, and to be readily available to the families with whom I work. Plus, I have more time and freedom to visit colleges and universities and attend conferences than do high school guidance counselors.

Absolutely. My students attend Ivy League colleges as well as many other fine institutions. Every student is special, no matter what his or her grades and test scores may be, and I always fit my services to each individual’s interests and background, both academic and extracurricular.

Yes. I know the ins and outs of applying to engineering and business programs. There are a variety of approaches to studying engineering and business in college. For example, some colleges and universities require students to apply directly to their business programs or schools as freshmen; others allow them to apply later in their college careers, provided they satisfy certain prerequisites. There even are ways to first study the humanities and social sciences, and then study engineering so that students graduate with two degrees. I can fill you in on all of the details.

Yes. I work with students throughout Canada, including CEGEP students from the Province of Quebec. I get to know those students just as well as I do my domestic students.

Yes. I work with students from around the world. Some of my clients have resided in Asia, Russia, and Europe in addition to Canada.

Yes. I work with students enrolled in both domestic and international boarding schools. I also work with Third Culture Kids, children raised in a culture other than that of their parents. (For example, an American student who holds a U.S. passport but whose parents work in another country where that student has been raised).

I do. I know the United Kingdom system of higher education and how to apply to schools in the UK. I have visited the following colleges in the UK:

University of Oxford * University of Cambridge * London School of Economics * University College London * King’s College London  * Imperial College London * Newcastle University * Northumbria University * University of Manchester * University of Leeds * Sheffield Hallam University  * University of Sheffield  * University of Roehampton  * Durham University * University of Liverpool * University of Chester *  Royal Holloway University * University of Exeter * Bath Spa University * University of Bath * University of Bristol * Bournemouth University * Arts University Bournemouth *  University of Plymouth * SOAS University * University of Westminster * New College of the Humanities * University of the West of England (UWE) * Richmond, the American International University * University of St. Andrews * University of Edinburgh * Cardiff University. I have also visited the University of Sydney in Australia and Trinity College Dublin.

I know that high school students lead busy lives, and I tailor my practice to their schedules. I meet with students after school and on weekends. Students are welcome to meet with me at my office or to Skype with me, which we often do. I respond to emails and phone calls from parents and students quickly.

Study. Although it’s great to visit schools during junior year where possible, grades take precedence. A GPA can’t be redone; a college visit can.

Yes. I teach interviewing skills and etiquette, which lessens the anxiety over the interview, even for shy students. My students are well-prepared for interviews.

I advise students about testing in general and the strategy behind the testing – SATs, ACTs, SAT Subject Tests, APs. I do recommend that families have a more in-depth conversation about the details of the exams with tutoring services that specialize in preparing students to take the tests. We also talk about which test results to send and to which colleges and universities.

Of course. I make sure students keep track of application deadlines, essays that have to be written, interview and audition dates, NCAA deadlines, etc. My Client Center, which is available to only to my clients, also features a lot of resources that families can use.

I make recommendations as to which schools to visit and how to optimize the experience. I furnish families with extensive information about the schools on students’ lists.

Yes. I visit dozens of schools each year, mostly throughout the United States but in other countries as well, such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, France, Australia and Israel. I’ve toured hundreds of campuses, many more than once.