Why Woolf College Consulting Works For You

     “As your professional mentor and advocate, I will facilitate your search and teach you lifelong skills that will enable you to stand out and get into your ideal school. You’ll learn how to showcase your unique qualities, talents and abilities in your applications, empowering you to realize your personal and career goals. I’ll create an action plan just for you.”

Betsy F. Woolf

Expert Services

A commitment to each student and family that delivers a customized comprehensive service for:

  • Applying to colleges and universities across a wide spectrum of areas of study, including, but not limited to, the liberal arts and sciences, engineering and computer science, business, theater and music.
  • Applying to graduate school, law school and MBA programs
  • Applying to colleges in the United Kingdom
  • Applying to colleges in the United States as an international applicant
  • Advice regarding high school classes and extracurricular and summer activities
  • Early Start consulting during Middle School and 9th and 10th grades at no extra charge for students who enroll through 11th and 12th grades

The Best Match
  • Customized Counseling that matches academic and personal goals with the best colleges and graduate schools
  • Review and Analysis of each student’s background, academic experience, activities, interests and career ambitions
  • Design and Management of an individualized action plan, including course selection, testing, school visits, and the preparation and submission of applications
  • Evaluation and Assessment of offers of admission that empower students to make the right decisions regarding higher education

  • Professional Knowledge of the admissions process that reduces student anxiety and keeps parents well-informed and “in the loop”
  • Perspective that is balanced and independent and complements the work of the school counselor
  • Insight into current trends and developments through higher education publications, regular school visits, and regional and national conferences
  • Guidance that gives students as much time as needed to plan, strategize, and apply to college and graduate school
  • Advice and feedback on essays so that the student’s voice stands out, including brainstorming ideas, developing and refining themes, and drafting and revising writing.
  • Availability beyond school hours

Lifelong Skills

Real-world Expertise that gives students the tools to skillfully showcase their unique personalities, strengths and abilities

  • How to write a compelling essay
  • How to prepare for and conduct a winning interview
  • How to effectively evaluate colleges and universities, programs and opportunities