Betsy Woolf Featured in MONEY College Planner

MONEY College Planner
Ask an Adviser: How can my kid get an athletic scholarship?

For an example of the kind of smart advice the experts have to offer, here’s Betsy Woolf, an educational consultant based in New York, on how to score athletic scholarships:

“Lots of students are good athletes, but not all students are good enough to compete in Division I or II sports in college. The place to start learning about college recruiting is at, where you can search information about the various NCAA sports and review the schools that participate in your child’s sport on the DI and DII level.

“Verify that your classes are NCAA-approved core courses on the Eligibility Center Website and register on the site. Your child will need to create an athletic resume that summarizes his or her high school academic career, standardized test scores, and any awards or honors in addition to information about his or her athletic abilities and references from coaches.

“When you arrange campus visits, schedule a meeting with the coach and ask key questions that will help you learn about the program and identify whether you will be someone the coach may consider. For example, ask the coach the number of graduating seniors; how many slots are open on the team—and how many at your position; whether athletes graduate in four years; whether there is academic support for athletes; what happens if you get sick or injured; the practice and training schedule and time commitment during the season and in the off season.”


Kim Clark, a senior writer for MONEY … [has] been covering the ins and outs of paying for college for almost 10 years.